Student Activities at the IGTF Conference 2017

What is the ASPRS SAC?

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) is composed of a team of students across the country who strive to voice the opinions of student members and discuss ways the Society can serve them best.

Student Sessions

Technical Session:

The SAC has a technical session at each conference where we have various students present their research. This technical session is based on a general theme chosen by the SAC, but will primarily focus on presenting the most current and applicable problem sets from a diverse set of students.

Meet and Greet:

The Meet and Greet offers an excellent opportunity for students to learn about professional careers and organizations as well as providing established professionals an opportunity to meet their future colleagues. You don’t need to be looking for a job or offering one to attend.

GeoLeague 2017:

SAC also puts on a themed competition for the students from different universities to compete in. Teams are made up of about 5 undergraduate and/or graduate students and a faculty advisor in their region. Each team typically works on their project prior to the annual conference and presents their final work at the GeoLeague student session.

Social Activities

Scavenger Hunt

Evening Social

Student Internship

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IGTF Student Internship Program Information

IGTF, the ASPRS Conference, has student internship opportunities available.  This position is very important to the success of the Conference. Carefully read the information below to decide if you would like to be a part of this great opportunity and to see if you are a good fit for the IGTF Student Internship Program.

ASPRS Student Internship Guidelines

We are happy that you have chosen to volunteer your time to help make IGTF 2017 a success.
YOUR participation is critical to  the IGTF Annual Conference 2017. Carefully read the following guidelines and refer to them often.

Student Interns are required to comply with the Conference Internship Guidelines as outlined below.


Student Coordinator: Rakesh Malhotra, cell phone, 919-638-3397 –Please call or text.


  1. Check-in and out with the Coordinator and or the Conference Coordinator in the Student Office or the ASPRS Staff office.
  2. Be on time and ready for  your assigned post for the entire time allotment for the day
  3. Dress in a professional manner for the Conference. Business casual wear is acceptable. Conduct yourself in a professional manner as you represent ASPRS.
  4. If a conference attendee raises any questions or problems that you are unable or uncomfortable handling, you should ask the person to accompany you to the Conference Staff Office and ask to speak to an ASPRS staff member for resolution of the matter.
  5. Host and assist attendees in any way possible throughout the Conference.
  6. If you do not have an assignment during a particular time slot, you are encouraged to attend the events occurring during that time period to maximize your conference experience.
  7. If you work 7.5 hours in one day you are eligible for a lunch allowance. Please see Priscilla Weeks at the ASPRS Staff Office at the end of the day to obtain the appropriate allowance.

Intern Task Descriptions:

Conference Registration Desk
You will be asked to distribute pre-registration packets and any other handouts to attendees who are registered in advance. The ASPRS staff at the registration desk will explain your duties. Messages for attendees should be posted in alpha order on the message board in the registration area.

ASPRS Staff Office
You will be asked to answer phones, assist with printing of committee and board materials and other requested tasks. You may also be asked to assist with changing signs throughout the conference day and assisting Priscilla Weeks, ASPRS Conference Coordinator. The staff office is locked when an ASPRS staff member or an assigned student intern is not present. You should contact the Conference Registration Desk for admission if the office is locked. If you are assigned to the Staff Office you may wish to bring some reading materials or other work related items with you as the traffic flow in the office varies throughout the day.

(General and Technical) Sessions
You will be responsible for checking badges as people enter the session rooms to ensure that only those who have paid the conference fees are permitted entrance. People who have paid for Exhibit Only registration are NOT allowed to attend any general or technical sessions. The Exhibit Only badges are specially marked to help you identify them easily. Those attendees who register for only one day will have a specific color badge which will clearly note the day they are allowed admission to the sessions.

If you are assigned to the Technical Sessions, you should check with the Conference Registration Desk prior to going to your assignment to determine the badge color for that day.

You should check that the proper sign is showing for each session. Sign inserts are in the pockets on the signs and should be kept current. Confirmation of the correct session for each room can be found in the Final Program/Errata Sheet.

Please distribute a Moderator Report Form and Speaker Rebate Form at each General and Technical Session. You will find these forms in the Student Volunteer Office.

Exhibit Hall
You will assist Security Guards in determining that all entrants have the proper badge for the day. It is very important that people without badges are NOT allowed into the exhibit hall. Anyone without a badge should be sent to the ASPRS Registration Desk.

Poster Sessions
You will help presenters mount their posters on the boards provided. Space is first come, first served.
Also, make sure to give each poster presenter a Speaker Rebate Form.

You will assist Conference staff wherever needed.

Thank you very much for your contribution of time and talent. You are essential in making this a very successful meeting. Without you, we would not be able to offer so much to the members of our profession. We hope that you find this a valuable learning experience and will continue to serve ASPRS in many capacities in the future.

For questions regarding volunteer opportunities please contact:

Dr. Rakesh Malhotra, ASPRS Volunteer Coordinator