Justification Letter

we need you

Justifying attendance at conferences is tough in today’s economy. And that’s why we are here to help!

We Want YOU to be able to attend the IGTF ASPRS 2017 Annual Conference  and below is a sample letter/email for justifying why your manager or supervisor should send you to IGTF 2017 in Baltimore MD.

There are a few personalization fields, so read through this carefully and customize the letter to your needs and objectives.

FROM: [your name]
TO: [your supervisor’s name]
RE: Staff Improvement

I understand that our company is cutting back on training costs and we are looking for ways to get the most for the money we spend in every area.  There is a cost-effective professional education conference in April 2016 that will help [your company] gain tools  and knowledge to launch and update our current projects, [List a few current projects that pertain to the conference], as well as several other areas.

I would like to attend the IGTF ASPRS 2017 Annual Conference in Baltimore, MD,  presented by the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS).  The Conference is packed with sessions on topics covering all aspects of imaging and geospatial technology, keynote presenters showcasing the latest information in the industry and the networking will be fantastic for making connections in our industry.  The schedule of sessions will be available on the conference website around February, we should go over the list together to determine which sessions will benefit the company most.

With most conferences, the challenge has always been to get to as many of the higher priority sessions as possible.  That’s where this conference is different! All abstracts and proceedings are listed online and included with my registration.  It’s a great tool that I can bring back to the office and share with the rest of the company and access for years to come. They keep everything listed on their conference website for up to five years!  This increases the value of my participation tenfold.

I want to make sure to register early for IGTF 2017 because they offer discount pricing when you register early.  Taking advantage of the low-cost pricing now will save [insert your company name here] a lot of money overall.

Summary of Benefits for [your company]:
With the current economic conditions, everyone at [your company] is being asked to do more and control costs wherever possible.  This conference is a small investment in empowering me and others involved in [your field] to do even more.  The sessions will provide me with more knowledge of GIS, Lidar, unmanned aerial systems, overall imaging and geospatial information.  This knowledge will enable us to handle [name a particular client or project] with more professionalism and confidence, which will reflect favorably on [your company].  And I will be able to pass along the information I captured through the Proceedings and abstracts listed online for all registrants.

Thank you for your strong consideration on this matter.

We hope this letter is helpful in your efforts to attend the IGTF ASPRS 2017 Annual Conference. Hopefully, we will see you soon!