The NEW ASPRS Annual Conference

IGTF 2015 - Imaging & Geospatial Technology Forum

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Presenters and Volunteers


How to Submit a Paper or Poster for the Conference Proceedings

All presenters (panel, oral, poster) are invited to include their abstracts in the IGTF 2015 Conference Proceedings, which will be published online. Presenters, at their option, may submit an abstract, a full paper, a copy of their poster, a copy of their slides, or any combination of these things. 

For example, a presenter at a poster-based talk session might chose to include an abstract, a paper, and a copy of the poster for publication.  A panelist might elect to submit just an abstract and a few slides.


Session Chairs

save for session Chairs

Technical Session Presenters

Calling all Oral Presenters! The following information is important for you to know. This information will assist you in planning and preparing for your session, what will be provided in each session room and tips for a successful presentation.


Poster Presenters

Poster at 2012 Sacramento Conference The following information is important for all poster presenters. This information will assist you in planning and preparing for your poster presentation.



IGTF Volunteer Program Information

ASPRS conferences have two categories of volunteers, Student Assistants and Student Volunteers. Both positions are very important to the success of the conferences. However, the requirements and benefits are different for each category. Please read the information below carefully to decide how you would be fit into the IGTF Volunteer Program.


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