ASPRS 2013 Annual Conference

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Classified Session

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) will be hosting an all-day classified session in conjunction with the ASPRS 2013 Annual Conference.  The purpose of the classified session is to engage the attendees in exploring views, ideas, approaches, and research results for Advancements in GEOINT Analytics.  NGA is also organizing several unclassified sessions to be held during the ASPRS Annual Conference technical sessions.  All participants for all sessions must be pre-registered with ASPRS. This session is a seperate registration from the main Conference registration. 

Please click on the following topic headings to few important information:

Session Overview

Points of Contact

Call for Papers

Registration & Clearance Information


User Group Meetings

User Group Meetings are a wonderful chance for Conference attendees to meet with exhibitors in a personalized setting.Random People Pictures-4822

User Group Meetings are four hour sessions which include a discussion or presentation from the exhibiting company about their new products, software or innovations. These sessions are complimentary for all conference attendees. This is a don't miss opportunity to meet with various companies and ask important specific questions you may have regarding their products.

Plan ahead and make time to attend the User Group Meetings at the ASPRS 2013 Annual Conference! See the meeting descriptions and schedule below.

All User Group Meetings will be held in the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

1:00 pm to 5:00 pm


Room: Harborside B, 3rd Floor

RapidEye Mosaic Product - We're proud to debut our newest product at the ASPRS User Group Meetings:
RapidEye mosaic products consist of multiple RapidEye image takes that have been orthorectified and radiometrically color balanced to a uniform appearance. These image takes are then assembled to create a single, seamless area image. Product specifications for the RapidEye Mosaic will be discussed as well as which specific countries are available 'off-the-shelf'.
Session Level: Suitable for all levels.


Monday, March  25, 2013

8:00 am to 12 Noon

BAE Systems

Room: Harborside B, 3rd Floor

SOCET GXP software delivers end-to-end photogrammetric strengths with the added benefits of an intuitive and customizable user interface, advanced image processing, and improved workflow automation for ease-of-use and maximized productivity. Preview SOCET GXP v4.1 enhancements including the integration of ClearFlite, the SOCET GXP Xplorer connector, and the new Visual Coverage Tool (VCT), which replaces the existing VCT. And, get a sneak peek of GXP Web, which enables the viewing and analyzing of geospatially referenced imagery all within a Web browser.



Room: Dover B & C, 3rd Floor
ArcGIS – A Comprehensive Imagery System
Join Esri for an interactive session about imagery.  We’ll be covering topics that will help you manage massive collections of imagery, learn the latest techniques for processing and analyzing imagery and how to jumpstart your projects with imagery from ArcGIS.


GeoCue Corporation

Room: Harborside E, 3rd Floor

GeoCue Corporation is a software development and consulting services company specializing in geospatial production management solutions. We will be demonstrating our GeoCue product family of integrated solutions in booth #515 as well as during our annual user’s group meeting on Monday, March 25th, 8 am - 12 noon. These products provide an integrated end-to-end processing framework that, when combined with industry leading production tools, significantly reduces production time from data acquisition to finished product.


Microsoft / Vexcel Imaging GmbH

Room: Harborside C, 3rd Floor

Join the technical experts and business leaders from Microsoft’s UltraCam product group in this half day presentation for an opportunity to learn firsthand about the company’s latest aerial mapping sensor and software product advancements: UltraCam Eagle, UltraCam Falcon and UltraMap 3.0. Prizes will be raffled, refreshments will be served, and seating will be limited so be sure to arrive early.


TopoFlight Mission Planner - New Tech Services, Inc.

Room: Harborside D, 3rd Floor

TopoFlight/New Tech Services, Inc. sells a Flight Planning Programs. Please download a demo. Current Version is 8. The “Navigator” is a Flight Management System to navigate the Aircraft and trigger the Camera at pre-defined positions.
New Tech Services markets Pre-Owned Mapping Equipment and modified Planes. TopoFlight Products are marketed in over 20 countries.
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. More information at, Call: 1-281-573-8029. Habla español. Llámenos. “TopoFlight - The Standard in 3d Flight Planning”


TopCon Positioning Systems

Room: Harborside A, 3rd Floor

Join Topcon for this informational workshop, as we present Map, Extract and Deliver; an understanding of mobile mapping systems technology and workflows. Technical aspects of the IP-S2HD will be presented including functionality of core components and available sensors.

An overview of data collection, processing, and calibration methods is explained. Software workflows for viewing and extracting data using point clouds and digital images as well as geospatial data management for a variety of applications will be presented.


Monday, March 25, 2013

1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Certainty 3D

Room: Harborside E, 3rd Floor

This session will review the integration of LiDAR technology across survey, design, engineering and construction operations. The material covers topics of LiDAR technology, assessment of data, and extraction of features and 3D models. A case study is presented demonstrating the practical application and economic benefits of LiDAR technology within design and engineering processes.


Exelis Visual Information Systems (ENVI)

Room: Harborside D, 3rd Floor

Join us at the ENVI User Group Meeting to learn how advances in the ENVI product family can help you turn imagery, LiDAR, and SAR data into the knowledge you need to make more informed decisions.  This event will feature presentations by remote sensing and GIS professionals who will demonstrate how they use ENVI to solve real-world problems.  And, get a sneak peak at what’s coming soon in ENVI for desktop, cloud, and mobile environments.


Intergraph® and Leica Geosystems

Room: Harborside B, 3rd Floor

As a global leader in its industry, Hexagon invites you to discover the most advanced and comprehensive geospatial solutions from Intergraph and Leica Geosystems. Learn how you can exploit the wealth of information contained in data from any source, share it rapidly (and securely), and deliver it on demand. Also, learn more about Intergraph Geospatial 2013, an integrated solution that streamlines photogrammetry, remote sensing, and GIS from the desktop, server, web, and the cloud.



Room: Harborside A, 3rd Floor

Optech Workflow Tools
Optech presents its latest workflow tools to maximize production efficiency and collection confidence for lidar/camera surveys. The session discusses our innovative real-time point display capability, which moves data validation and decision-making into the air during the survey flight itself—immensely valuable for emergency and rapid response applications. Also included is an active demonstration of the Optech FMS Flight Management Suite, and a discussion of the differences between the Optech LMS Standard and Professional post-processing capabilities.



Room: Harborside C, 3rd Floor

Trimble’s Inpho & eCognition user group is your opportunity to explore the most recent versions of the popular software packages for aerial photogrammetry, laser scanning data production and object based image analysis (OBIA). Demonstrations include UAV/UAS photogrammetry and terrain modeling, dense matching for quality point clouds, and OBIA analysis of images and point clouds from land mobile sensors. Time has also been allocated to discuss the topics of interest to you: the members of the Inpho & eCognition community.


 Plan ahead and make time to attend the User Group Meetings at the ASPRS 2013 Annual Conference!






Call for Abstracts

The Call for Abstracts is Now Closed

The Technical Program Chairs are reviewing abstracts that have been submitted and are developing the conference program.  If you have a late submission, please see the information below for manual submission of abstracts.

Late abstracts may be submitted directly to the Technical Program Co-Chairs, but understand that they may be placed on a waiting list and used only if someone else drops out of the program. Please see the Late/Manual Submission of Abstracts information below for information on how to submit a late abstract.



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