ASPRS 2016 Annual Conference

IGTF 2016 - Imaging & Geospatial Technology Forum

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Fort Worth 2016

Frontier Day

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Keven Gambold, CEO, Unmanned Experts, Inc.

Keven Gambold is a founding member of Unmanned Experts Inc., and holds the position of CEO. He completed a BSc in Psychology and Philosophy at Durham University, England and attended Royal Air Force (RAF) Officer Training. He is a retired RAF fighter-bomber squadron leader with a distinguished career of 1500 hours in the Tornado, flying combat missions in Turkey, Kuwait, Kosovo, and Iraq for which he was awarded several commendations. Keven was also posted to Nellis and Creech Air Force Bases, Nevada, and Tallil Air Base, Iraq. logging over 1500 hours flying with the Joint Predator Task Force. Keven has also published numerous peer-reviewed papers, chaired conferences, and taught courses on UAS operations in the civil sector.

Welcome to Frontier Day

April 14 and 15, 2016

Ft. Worth, Texas

Attention Public Safety Officers, Oil & Gas Professionals and 3D City Planners

As part of the upcoming IGTF 2016 Conference in Ft. Worth, TX the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, the ASPRS would like to invite you to participate in Frontier Days. This event includes a tour of the exhibit hall on Thursday plus educational sessions on Friday, including best practice presentations.

Whether it is learning about geography, GPS, driverless vehicles or drones knowing “where” people or things (as in the Internet of Things) are located is critical to making informed decisions.

Why Should You Attend?

  • To learn from experts about the “Power of Where” – most business decisions involve location
  • To gain competitive advantage through insights about new technologies, like drones and driverless vehicles, and what the future holds for these disruptive geo-technologies
  • To make contact with leading professionals in mapping and geo-business who can help you to be more successful in your profession
  • To find out about career opportunities in the rapidly expanding geospatial information technology profession

Expand Your Horizons!

Friday, April 15th: Presentations and Breakout Sessions
Continental Breakfast and Lunch provided.

Industry experts will share insights and perspectives on the impact of geospatial data and technologies.

  • Learn how Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and remote sensing are becoming invaluable tools for the oil and gas industry, both on and offshore
  • Texas Rangers share perspective and use of imaging and 3D technologies in law enforcement
  • Trimble talks about building smarter, more resilient cities through the lens of geospatial data analytics
  • Hexagon Geospatial showcases Maps of the Future! 

Afternoon Breakout Sessions include:

  • Mapping Texas Culverts in 3D by Texas A&M-Corpus Christi & Texas Tech University
  • Building a Location-intelligent Internet of Things
  • Advanced Satellite Missions for Pipeline Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring of Remediated Oil and Gas Sites
  • Point Clouds: More than a picture, worth much more than 1000 words!

Plus! A Special Breakout Session for Public Safety featuring Texas Rangers, TxDPS

  • Use of UAS and 3D scene reconstruction technology for law enforcement
  • Interoperability for First Responders
  • From the field: Practical use of UAS

Don’t delay, spaces are limited, register today!  We’re looking forward to you joining us for this exciting event!

(Frontier Day is included at no extra charge in the IGTF Full registration.)