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ASPRS Sustaining Member Number
Company Name
DAT/EM Systems International
Company Phone
(907) 522-3681
Company Description
DAT/EM Systems International® develops software for the photogrammetric, engineering and GIS industries that enables the extraction of 3D vector features from stereo imagery and point clouds. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, DAT/EM has kept pace with emerging technologies by creating modern tools that meet the requirements of both new and traditional photogrammetrists, engineers and GIS professionals.

DAT/EM’s suite of software solutions includes Summit Evolution™ photogrammetric workstation, LandScape™ point cloud viewing and editing toolkit, and complementary components Capture™, MapEditor™, Ortho+Mosaic™, Airfield3D™, Contour Creator™. Also availabe is Summit UAS™ which provides a set of tools to easily analyze or compare UAS data by viewing, editing and defining features. In either stereo or non-stereo packages, Summit UAS supplies new ways to interact with and analyze UAS data.

DAT/EM Systems International is committed to continued development, execution and export of digital mapping applications. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our photogrammetric suite, please contact us.
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