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Blue Marble Geogrpahics
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Blue Marble Geographics is an innovative mapping software company founded in 1993 in Gardiner, Maine, a small community about fifty miles north of Portland. The company founder, Jeff Cole, was an eager and enthusiastic technologist with a vision for designing and developing creative solutions for complex geospatial challenges. The Geographic Calculator, which was built to run on Windows 3.1, was our first product. It offered a straightforward toolkit for converting and reprojecting spatial data and it quickly developed a well-earned reputation as an accurate and reliable data processing solution. The Geographic Calculator was the solid foundation upon which all of our products and services were developed. Today, we continue to create easy-to-use, yet powerful software solutions and services for geospatial data conversion. Over the years, our customer base has grown to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide and our products are widely regarded as the leading spatial data conversion tools in the GIS industry.